Essential Kitchen Tools

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Are thinking of taking the plunge into homesteading?

Or maybe you are just overwhelmed by all the accumulated kitchen clutter.

Here are my top seven essential kitchen tools that are used in our homestead kitchen on a daily basis.

If you have to pick just a few items for you homestead kitchen go for high-quality dual purpose tool.

These are the ones that keep my kitchen running.



knivesA Quality Set Of Knives

Look at this as an investment that will last you a long time and make your life easier. A good knife will make breaking down cuts of meat so much easier. If you need to wait and save up for a good quality set use one that can be sharpened in the meantime.

Cast Iron Dutch Oven

A heavy stockpot is a homestead kitchen essential. Homemade stock and bone broth are so much easier when you don’t have to worry about burning the bottom.  I love my Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Solid wood cutting board

Wood is the best surface for those quality knives.

Plastic has recently made a surge for cutting boards but they are horrible because once they are cut into they just don’t come clean. Glass and stone will dull a knife like butter.

Get yourself a great wood cutting board, learn how to care and condition it and it will be a piece that can be passed on to your children.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System

This one is an essential kitchen tool for every homestead since it is your blender, food processor, and single serve blender cups.

  My kids love smoothies and it is such an easy healthy snack for them. Also with the larger food processor blade, it makes chopping ingredients for canning recipes super easy and fast.

stand mixer

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

It can be so relaxing to hand mix bread dough…. On the rare days when you don’t have a million and one things on you’re to do list. So for the time when life is hectic a stand mixer is essential kitchen item.

Ours sets out on the counter because it is used multiple times a week, sometime even multiple times a day.

There are so many useful attachments like the meat grinder or pasta roller. I am hoping that my hubby will get me the ice-cream bowl so we can make homemade soft serve.

food saver

Food Saver Vacuum Sealer

This is essential kitchen tool when it comes to saving money by buying food in bulk quantities. You can read about where I find most of my meat for discount prices here. 

When we score a good deal on meat at the grocery store I always try and buy two if I can and vacuum seal and freeze the second portion. Before I got the vacuum sealer I could not buy as much bulk meat because it would get freezer burnt before we could get to it.

I am sure you have pulled out the mystery bag from the bottom of the freezer. Could be pork chops or lasagna…

pressure cooker

Pressure cooker

This is an essential kitchen tool for me as a busy mom.

A few days ago I pulled out a frozen vacuum sealed beef roast at about 3 pm. I threw it in the pressure cooker with some quartered onions, bbq sauce, mustard and a few spices then flipped the switch and continued with my day.

I let it go for an hour and checked it but it was not quite shreddable yet so I clicked the lid back on for another 30 min and let the pressure release naturally. Then I let it set till we wanted to eat around 6 and the meat was perfect!

From frozen roast to perfect shredded bbq beef in three hours! That is a life saver in my kitchen!

Kitchen Tools

So there you have it, the top essential kitchen tools that I use every day.

It makes my home and kitchen run smoothly.

If I had to start from nothing these are the tool that would be on my list to get first.

What are your favorite kitchen tools that make your homestead run smoothly? Let me know below!

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