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A Quick Background

So blogging was never something that I really gave a second thought to as far as doing myself.  There are a few bloggers that I have subscribed to and keep going back to every now and again to read their new content. But it is never something I would have thought that I would be doing until I stumbled onto the blog A Modern Homestead.

I believe that I was originally looking at a recipe or something like that and I clicked over and read an article about how Victoria and her family make money blogging to support their homestead.

That night I think I read every single article she has ever written and signed up for a mastermind group she was starting with Anna at Celebrating a Simple Life.

The next day I bought my domain and dove into blogging headfirst.  This was the middle of March.

I spent the next two weeks reading everything I could about blogging and how people can make real money from blogging. Suzi over at has also been a huge help and push forward in getting this blog up and running.

So this blog officially launched April 1st, 2018 with a total of eight posts published.

I will let you know that in March I had no idea even what blogging was and I am still learning new things every single day. It is defiantly trial and error and I think I have made all the errors along the way but as Suzi says “Progress over perfection!”

I still read a lot of income reports from different bloggers and they are a huge motivation for me. If they can do it, I can do it. And if I can then you can too!

So let’s get into my first month blogging traffic overview.

April Pageviews

For the month of April, I had a total of 7,914 pageviews. Almost 100% of these page views come from Pinterest.

Right from the start, I opened accounts with Board Booster and Tailwind to help with Pinterest scheduling. Starting out I had no idea about how Pinterest worked and spammed everywhere I could with my pins. That was a terrible idea and I have since learned a bit more about how to leverage Pinterest but it is still a work in progress.

Suzi at StartAMomBlog sent me a great list of Pinterest group board which I applied to. Some of which I have heard back, but most I haven’t. Group boards are an amazing tool but can be so frustrating. Just have to keep plugging away at them.

Here are my average daily impressions and viewers on Pinterest for my first month.

Honestly, I am not positive of the difference between the two and how Pinterest breaks everything down but there is growth to that is good right!

First Month Blogging Income Report

Drumroll please….

My first month blogging income came to a grand total of $18.09.

WOOT WOOT, It is still hard to believe that I am already starting to see just a bit of return for all my efforts.

April Earnings

A total of $8.67 came from affiliate commisions on Amazon. The crazy thing about this is none of it was on the products that I had linked directly in my posts. It was other things that customers were buying after they followed my links. Someone bought a fancy pasta machine and I earned like $3 just from that.

The remaining $9.42 for the month came from Gourmet Ads.  The RPM initially dropped but with increasing pageview that has gone up so every day I earn just a few more cents per 1000 page views.

So far I have really loved Gourmet Ads and don’t have one negative to say about them. They did a custom set up on my site and when I need something changed or I notice an ad running slow, I just email them and they have it fixed within the hour. Great customer service.

first month blogging

First Month Blogging Expenses

Domain and Hosting through SiteGround – $75.35 for the entire year. This comes out to $6.28 per month.

I chose SiteGround for my hosting mainly because of their amazing support services and how fast they’re hosting it. They support my entire blog, not just the back end hosting. Any issue that I have on WordPress I don’t waste time trying to find answers on google. It is so nice to just call or chat with SiteGround and they have always fixed everything within minutes.

Web Hosting

Blog By Number Course – $93

This is the best course that I have found for those starting a blog from the very beginning. This course contains step by step video tutorial that walks you through every step of setting up the back end of your blog. They are quick and Suzi is so easy to follow along with. It goes through all the steps from starting a blog, to choosing the right domain name and setting up a free theme, getting traffic and how to start making money. I would totally buy it again because I keep going back to it over and over and keep finding new information that I missed the last time.

This was it for my expenses for the month because I was using all the free version and trial runs of schedulers, mail platforms, and themes.


Overall I am simply ecstatic over these numbers. It is a lot of work and certainly does not happen overnight but penny by penny I am getting there.

The most surprising to me is how much I love the research and writing. I can’t even finish the second chapter when reading a book before I lose interest and find something else to do. This is different because I am writing about my life and my interests. I am sure that these with grow and change over time but the great part is that so can The Courageous Chicken!


I am happy with the progress made the first month blogging and am looking forward to seeing what happens in May. And I will certainly let you all know.


Progress Over Perfection!

First month blog income report

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  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Congratulations Bobbie. That is quite the start. Onward and upward we go.

    1. The Courageous Chicken

      Yes we do! Thanks!

  2. Vanessa

    Thank you for your honest blog post. I see a lot , ‘how I made $3000 plus in their first month and i wonder how they do it. Great blog. Love it

    1. The Courageous Chicken

      That is exactly why I did this post. I feel the same way. Thanks so much for reading!

  3. Lisa

    Hi Bobbie! I can totally relate to you in all of this. I stumbled into blogging a few months ago, purchased Suzi’s set of courses, and the rest is history. I am just getting ready to round out my first month and I am right behind you with these numbers! It is great to see where you are at, and know that I am on the right track too! Cheers!

    1. The Courageous Chicken

      That is so great to hear. I am going to check out your blog and will wait for your post. I love to see and share with other bloggers that are starting out. We can grow big together!

  4. Rukh AZ

    Wow! I’m so inspired by you, Bobbie. Congratulations. ?? I just started a blog around 15 days ago and I’ve got 1000 views, of course that’s not a lot but I’m happy with it. STILL.. no sale or profit yet.
    I have no idea how to ise tailwind or the other app you told about.. im thinking about giving it a try. Let’s see how it goes.

    Rukh AZ,

    1. The Courageous Chicken

      Thank you so much! That is amazing numbers for just a few weeks! You are off to a great start! I love tailwind because I way to busy to manually pin to Pinterest all day. Boardboost has actually been shut down so that is no longer an option but Tailwind is beta testing their own looping feature which will be a lifesaver. Currently, I do a semi looping trick with my tailwind so that I only really have to go in once a week and schedule things out. Let me know if you would like details on that and I may do a post on it! I am headed over to your blog to check things out!

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