When an emergency strikes how can you ensure that you have an endless supply of hot water even when there is no electricity? Endless hot water without electricity is no longer a dream!

Even our modern world there are times that power outages happen for reasons beyond our control. At those times you will be left with no hot water for sanitation, cooking, or even coffee or tea.

What if you had to live without hot water for weeks? months? Or even years?

How would you manage?

Boiling and cooking without power or electricity is a skill that everyone should learn so that they are prepared for when disaster strikes.

Here are a few great techniques for creating endless hot water without electricity.

Sebastien and Isabelle created an off-grid water heater with just a simple handmade cob stove, water barrel, and copper pipes! No pump! No propane!

A rocket stove is a simple stove with 3 openings: the one at the bottom for building your fire, the middle one is to feed wood to the fire, and the one at the top is a chimney.

By winding copper pipes inside the cob walls of the chimney, water in the pipes is heated up and circulated from the water barrel, around the rocket stove, and back into the barrel by a process called: thermosiphon.

This passive heat exchange that doesn’t require electricity or propane!

The folks over at Offgrid Secrets have demonstrated how they constructed their own rocket mass heater.

The only cost was about 50$ worth of copper pipe. The sand and clay mixture was about 50% clay/mud and 50 sand, for most of the build. Some people also call these things rocket stoves.

One thing’s for sure, this primitive technology is a cheap and effective way to get off grid hot water for free.

Here is another great rocket stove hot water heater!

So as you can see with just a bit of materials and some guidance you can have an endless supply of hot water without electricity.

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  1. Victoria

    This is so cool

  2. Alfred B. Jernigan, Jr.

    Rocket stoves are a great way to cook, too, without burning much fuel. Put a small grill on top and start cooking!

  3. Antoinette E. Stokes

    Excellent! Thank you!


  4. Sharon

    I’m slowly going off grid I love this idea just got a wind mill

  5. Joey

    I tried heating hot tub with rocket stove. Didn’t heat fast enough tho. Would take alot of trial and error to get right pipe size and water ratio to make it work good.

  6. Dan Wisnoski

    Great. Really liked the video.Especially the steep by steps.
    Instead of using clay & mud, can’t cement be used instead
    Please info

  7. Della Wright

    I’m so happy to find this information presented in perfect clarity for those contemplating off grid living. It’s also encouraging to see young people doing it and raising beginning families with the experience. There is a certain peace and contentment learning you can do this life style. Thank you for sharing tips you’ve learned along the way. More joy to you!

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