Mommy Brain is a very real side effect of beloved motherhood, and it strikes when we least expect it.

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Call it what you will but the phenomenon of forgetfulness is a fact of life for moms and often sets in even before we give birth.

From the sleep deprivation and the stress to the constant multitasking, This phenomenon turns highly intelligent women into hot frazzled messes once they bring children into this world

You might be suffering from Mommy Brain if you have experienced some of the following symptoms

19 Symptoms of Mommy Brain

1. You call your children the wrong name regularly. It seems like I go through all the names in our house, even the dog before I get to the one that I need.

2. When a receptionist asks for your phone number you realize that you have no idea. Standing at my children well check up the smiling lady behind the counter asks for my phone number. A perfectly reasonable request. But I stand there and not say a word, deer in the headlights. I mumbled a bit and start rattling off numbers, none of which are my own.

3. You can not remember when it was that you showered last. We each have our own unique amount of days we can go on dry shampoo without our hair looking likes a rats nest. Lucky us that messy buns are in style.

4. When a full nights sleep seems like a rare and distant memory. My oldest is six, so basically I haven’t slept in six years. If we are not up to take care of the kids then we are up worrying about screwing them up completely.

5. You walk into a room and have no idea what you went in there for. Usually, when this happens I try and pick up some laundry so it looks like I had a purpose.


6. When you lose your keys frequently and find them in odd places. I once lost my keys for like three days.. I found them in the dryer. I’m still not sure if they went through a full wash cycle.

7. You forget how old that you are. I just asked my husband this, I thought I was a year younger all year.

8. You can’t remember how long you have been married without doing a bit of math. And I am terrible at math so I just tell people we were married in 2011.

9. You cant remember where you park, ever. I have even taken a picture where I park so that I can look on my phone to find my vehicle.

10. When you have left your purse a home, at the office, and every single restaurant you eat at. Guilty.

11. You lose your coffee regularly and always find it in the microwave. I usually find in when making popcorn in the evening!

12. All your houseplants are dead, even the cactus. My plants are now all plastic, and covered in dust!

13. When you have left the house with clothes inside out or backward. Noone actually notices right???

14. You have found dirty diapers or puke clothes in your purse.  Eww.

15. You have had to wash laundry more than once because you found it growing mold. Maybe that is why we go through so much laundry detergent!

16. When you have found your missing keys in the front door on more than one occasion. This is a classic. Always look in the doorknob first!

17. You found the car doors all open and you haven’t been anywhere that day. A few days ago I was going to take my daughter to gymnastics and went out to the car and two doors were open and the hatchback. What the heck? When was the last time I drove somewhere?

18. When you are frustrated because dinner is not cooking fast enough, and you realize that you never turned the burner on. It is incredibly hard to make taco meat with no heat.

19. You cannot remember the last time you ate. Have you gone all day and after you scarfed down dinner you realized that you forgot to eat breakfast and lunch. The dinner you just downed was your first meal of the day.

These are some very common symptoms of Mommy Brain and just remember that you are not alone.

This too shall pass. Well, you will find a new normal.

Stay tuned for my next post on how you can combat these systems and keep Mommy Brain under control!

Please share your crazy mommy brain moments in the comments below!

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