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Newborn Essentials of 2018

So having survived through the newborn stage for the third time around I have come to realize that there are some simple newborn essentials that are a must and a lot of things that you don’t really need.

Babies are simple little things and it is so easy to go crazy with all the gizmos and gadgets.

Here’s a round-up of all of the newborn essentials that have helped us survive our third round of life with a newborn.

Infant Car Seat:

An infant car seat is the number one newborn essential that you need to have in order to bring your new baby home. In fact, most hospitals will not let you leave without them checking the car seat and making sure that it is properly installed in your vehicle. When choosing a car seat consider the size and weight capacity and also the size of vehicle that you own. All car seats have to meet federal safety standards so the very expensive models may not be any safer than the more affordable options.

Pack and play with bassinet:

This is what all three of my babies have spent at least the first six months of their lives sleeping in. Instead of buying a whole separate bassinet I always use the one that came with my pack and play. I love it because the entire bottom of the play yard is just lifted up and within easy reach. I just pull it up beside my bed at night so baby is close for nighttime nursing. Mine is a bit older and did not come will all the new accessories but now you can get them with changers, pockets, and even loungers.

Long-Sleeve Onesie: 

Your little one will need something to wear when they get home. Keep this simple and try and resist all those adorable outfits and denim jackets for newborns. I try to keep it simple go with long and short sleeve onesies and zippered sleepers. You want to keep them comfy and warm. No need to get them all fancied up in cute outfits until they are out of the first couple squished up weeks. 

MamaRoo Baby Swing:  

All of my babies have loved their swings. If they were not in my arms they were swinging away in these. I have heard that some babies don’t care for them but that has not been the case for me. For the first few months, this is the only way that I get to shower regularly. lol 

 Grooming kit with nail clippers:

Cutting a newborn babies nails is the most nerve-racking thing that you will do next to birthing your baby. I could not stand the thought of pinching those tiny fingers with the cutters so I designated my husband as the official baby nail cutter for years. One thing that can help it make it easier is to use baby nail cutters, these have a larger handle to hold on to and some even have a little magnifying glass to help you see better. No matter what cutting babies nails is super scary to all moms!

Newborn Bottles:

Even if you are exclusively breastfeeding I would recommend having a few good bottles on hand so that you can get some help at feeding time if needed. I got called for jury duty when my baby was just a few weeks old. In my state exclusively breastfeeding was not an excusable reason to miss it so I had to pump a few days beforehand so that my husband could stay home with her. Reasons like this are why I am glad that I had a few bottles around.

 Muslin Blankets: 

I used to use flannel receiving blanket as my go-to for burp cloths, light blankets, and nursing covers. But now I have found these light muslin blankets and I have now given away all the flannel blankets. These are a very lightweight muslin that is almost see through but large enough to wrap up baby in a nice swaddle. One in the car, one in the diaper bag, and one around the house we love these.

Newborn Diapers and wipes:

Start with just one box of newborn size diapers and get more if needed. You won’t know exactly how long your baby will fit in the newborn size and each babies shape and weight is different. My first two babies were out of newborn diapers within a few weeks a+nd my third baby didn’t move up to size one diapers until after three months old.

 Wrap carrier:

If you are a mom of multiple children you know what even with a newborn life around you continues. The mail needs dropped off, the shopping needs to be done, kids have appointments and so on. I have been loving my wrap with my third baby because she is a snuggler and love to just sit and cuddle all day long. Well, that would be nice but who has time for that. With the wrap, I can get all the snuggles and still get the laundry folded and take the older kids to gymnastics.

Don’t waste your money on right away:

  • stuffed animals
  • too many baby toys
  • changing table
  • bottle warmer
  • wipes warmer
  • too many bottles or pacifiers (babies are picky and will love different shapes of nipples on bottles, so don’t go crazy before you know what baby likes )
  • Strollers (wait and see if this is a must have, I never use them much so could never justify the cost)
  • baby monitor
  • highchairs, bumbo, jumpers, walkers etc (just give it time and you will get a feel for what you really need)

So there you have it. My list of what I used every day and what topped my newborn essentials list. And the stuff that I could have gone without!

What newborn essentials did you use during the first month? Is there anything you bought that your baby hated?

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